Rise Of The Tomb Raider – Infinite XP



Rise Of The Tomb Raiders grind for XP can be a bit tedious, especially if you’re on the higher difficulties and wanting those higher level skills quickly. However with our quick glitch you can find close to the beginning of the game, you can catch those last few skills you need or just walk through the game with everything you need from the get go.

Firstly, you’re going to want to reach the Soviet Installation. This part comes quite soon after you’ve completed Mountain Peak, The Prophet’s Tomb and Siberian Wilderness.

The camp you need to wait and find, is ‘Installation Vista’ which is where we start:


Installation Vista

From here you’ll want to go straight down the Zip Wire and make your way through the Soviet Installation. If you haven’t been here before, you’ll encounter a fair few enemies, but they aren’t too hard to take out with Stealth.

Eventually you’ll come to a courtyard with a statue in the middle, where a quite some enemies lay in wait. Again stealth is your best option here with plenty of cover.

As you make your way up through the building, you’ll come towards a tower that you need to climb, this is possibly the longest part of this glitch, but once you’ve cleared the area, it becomes much faster.


The longest part of this glitch involves climbing this tower

Once you’ve got to the top of the Tower, you reach a long Zipline, this is where you’ll receive the XP that we’re going to glitch. You get the XP for stealthily entering the enemy base, which you’ll need to clear out.

You’ll come across an interrogation room which you’ll need to clear and break the glass of. Melee works, but you may want to use a Gun or the Bow to break it, to help kill an enemy at the same time if it’s your first run through.

To the left of this room, is a tiny little storage room with the white paint indicating a climb. Jump through this tiny window and be ready for a big battle. Plenty of explosives to use to your advantage, but once it’s cleared, you’re nearly at the end of this run.


A big battle for early on, but plenty of explosives to use to your advantage

Once you blow up the big door, there’s a short courtyard run, then another jump across a gated fence. This brings you to the Soviet Installation Base Camp, where you need to fast travel all the way back to Installation Vista.

Now that you’ve cleared out all of the enemies, you can run through this in a much shorter time. Once you reach that tower, you’ll just be able to zip down that wire and keep getting that ‘Stealthy’ 75xp bonus, which helps level you up quite quickly.

If a videos more your thing to learn this glitch, take a watch from our channel below:


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