Dragon Age Inquisition – Influence and Power Glitch


For anyone still playing Dragon Age: Inquisition, the grind to get your Inquisitions power and get all those skill points is annoying, so we’ve found a glitch to help you out of those sticky situations! This only really works well if you’ve got plenty of gold, but luckily for you we’ve got a glitch for that as well. Check it out on our YouTube channel (article to come soon).

First you’re going to want to have access to Skyhold, which is when you really start needing Influence and Power. As you complete the War Table operations, you’ll eventually come across one called ‘Power For A Price’ which you need to complete in order to move forward with this Glitch. This unlocks ‘Farris The Representative’ in the courtyard of Skyhold.


This is where we begin, again I add you need a fair amount of gold for this to work at its best! Once you unlock this merchant, you’re going to want to go to his shop and go to the ‘Other’ tab, where you’ll see lots of ‘Private Trade Agreements’, ‘Protocols Of Passage’ etc. Choose one (Gold allowing). You’ll need to buy 9 of them, and only 9! Leave the shop screen.

From here you’ll then need to re-open the shop dialogue and purchase the remaining 1. DO NOT LEAVE THE SHOP SCREEN. Switch to Sell items and sell all 10 of the items back, again don’t leave the shop screen. Go back to the Buy screen and you’ll notice in the ‘Other’ tab there is still one remaining. Continue on to the Buy Back tab and buy the items back. You’ll get double the power than what you would have gotten from just buying them straight up, with a fraction of the price due to buying back.

We also have a video of this incase reading isn’t your strong point, so take a look below. Follow the YouTube video to our channel to see our Infinite Gold Glitch for Dragon Age:


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