The Last Of Us 2 – What We Want To See



I’m going to start off by saying that The Last Of Us was one of the best games I have ever had the pleasure of playing and feasting my eyes upon. The more emotional and human response to a world-ending plague, it was definitely one that tugged on the heartstrings. Straight from the beginning with THAT scene (poor Joel loosing his daughter) I knew it was going to be a roller coaster. Changing it up from the usual “omg there’s a plague, we’re all suddenly good with guns an crap” to a more paced approach, especially with the likes of Ellie.

Now if we can cast our minds all the way back to the ending of TLOU, we were faced with Joel and Ellie escaping the Fireflies after Joel finds out that to test Ellies blood for information on the cure, they would have to kill her as they had many children before her. Joel ran in, guns blazing and slaughtered them, getting away with Ellie in tow.


Now that we’ve finally had it announced that the Last Of Us 2 is in development, I’ve been thinking about just what I want to see in terms of the story, because let’s face it, the game play is pretty flawless. What do we know so far? Well from the trailer, we’re faced with a much older, tattooed Ellie playing the guitar who appears to have been in the wars a little.

We also see plenty of dead bodies lay on the floors throughout the house as (what can only be presumed) Joel walks through the house. Ellie says she’s going to kill every last one of them, but what could this mean? Now this is where I hope the game takes the story from here. Now many fan theories are saying that Joel is dead and what Ellie is seeing is a vision, so I’m going to run with that as the initial starting point.

For me, the game would start a short time after the escape of Ellie an Joel, possibly whilst they gather some food from a run outside of a safe zone. In this moment we find that the Fireflies are in pursuit of Ellie, the last known one to be immune to the virus (along with the fact you know, they murdered a whole bunch of them). Whilst in pursuit, Joel dies protecting her, causing Ellie to eliminate them all.


Let’s remember that for the majority of Ellies life, Joel has been a father figure, so his death is bound to have caused a few wires to come loose. The loss of Joel, the fact she’s grown up in a world filled with violence and the obvious one, they tried to kill her, has led up to this. For this, she tracks the fireflies down, hunting them one by one as mentioned in the trailer.

Now for those who have completed the first game, we know Joel lied to her at the end, saying they were no longer looking for a cure. What if, as you progress through TLOU2, she starts to find out that Joel lied? We know the Last Of Us likes to take us in on an emotional level, so it could go down the road of how Ellie deals with the conflict of knowing Joel lied to her, but that it was for her benefit.

I guess only time will tell, but let us know in the comments below what you want from The Last Of Us 2 and what you think of this theory!


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